Mismatch and Gliders

07 October, 2008

Today, two days after I came back from Goa, my vacation with my mother, I walked out to the tailor with my rubber chappals on. Wearing the pink with grey stripped gliders, jeans and a Tee, I took my bike and left.

I had gotten used to wearing comfortable, yet not sophisticated looking slippers. Nearly losing my flip-flops, rocksters, last time, I was determined not to make the same mistake again.

I have two gliders. One, pink with grey stripes and the other is red with black straps.

Mismatched clothes and rubber slippers (and now crocs) gives people a sense of being on vacation. Other than a very few weird species of men and women, sometimes including myself, would dare to wear atrocious clothes which normal people wouldn’t want to or like to wear. I saw a guy wearing orange shorts with violet tee shirt on. But then I was in green aria nijaru (my mom calls it that, meaning half pants!) with blue t-shirt. No judgements made!

I walked on the streets (and one main road) of Koramangala with my gliders on, feeling like I was in an exotic location on another break from the monotony of work.

Life is one big travel plan and every day is a vacation

4 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

apparently two pairs of gliders and one trip to goa can do wonders huh?

Prude said...

Dunno why but the colour combos' u just mentioned sounded perfectly normal to me. Maybe am beginning to think attrocious is normal. Sigh.


Me Thinks.. said...

oooo..everyday a vacation says it all..

But if only it was...

Tsu said...

@Crumbs: Ezz!! and u have stopped coming online!!! wuurr??
@prude: my influence :)
@MT: if only! sigh!

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