Are you ready to share a wave?

24 October, 2008

Let your eyes wander around,
find things people of ages before have found
why is the sky so blue and earth green
red sunlight and us in between

then I saw him

As fast as his padded feet could withstand
he ran to the wagon that took him home
on hard concrete and smooth liven sand
below the same skies that blanketed Rome

then I saw myself

Reckon, the shore awaits me,
for my pair of feet to share a wave
cause love can nothing but save
And that is exactly where I will be

3 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

I am in love...and thats exactly where i will be and want to be..

Despite all odds..

crumbs said...

love can do many some, ruin some, and for some others, just help them look at themselves for real...but then, that's a different point.
I think I can see where this is coming from, but I'm not sure. Or maybe I don't want to be =)
"for my pair of feet to share a wave"
lovely words =)
er..PS: the word verification read 'raver' :D

Tsu said...

@MT: gud for ya gurl!
@Crumbs: I was hoping ul catch that phrase cause I knew you would like that!! :) thou didnst fails me!

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