Ghajini - Will remain in memory for more than 15 min

10 January, 2009

Finally a 6-pack abs that I like on a man!

Hrithik Roshan looks like a Greek God, an anomaly in Bollywood and a phenomenon called “how the hell did it happen in India?” John Abraham did not do it for me, lack of charisma to go with that bod and sometimes it matters. Shah Rukh Khan, I honestly, did not get because I liked him the way he was. The other abs, did not even interest me so much as to remember them at this point. But Aamir Khan, in Ghajini, can be summed up using one word – Wow.

Man boobs aside, (personal opinion that they don’t look nice) he looks completely natural in his new form. When I saw him on the screen, I felt that he has always been like this and looked this good. And, I have to ask. What’s with the cute butt? All in all, he looks younger than his age (which at this point I have completely banished from my memory), handsome and oh so desirable! Adding to this, Bangalore Times – for a 20 year old, female actor, a new comer, working with a 40 year old veteran, who looks like Aamir Khan, I don’t think she will be asking the question “Where is Women’s Equality?”

Power dressing – it works like a charm. The folding of sleeves (which I love on any shirt and t-shirt) hits the home run for me. The blues and the blacks got me drooling; the purples look gorgeous on Aamir. Not to leave out Asin from the praises galore, I don’t have an aversion to seeing her on screen, television and hence like her.

I must say that I was surprised to see that the humour used in the tamil movie Ghajini, also used in the hindi one, did not fail to inspire some giggles in the audience. I enjoyed the movie more because I had watched the tamil one long time back (about 2 years ago to be precise) and did not remember most of it. I call it Long Term Memory Loss, in other words – Ageing.

Anyway, in a nut shell, I loved the movie and I had a great time watching it.

4 Scribbles:

Karthik said...

oi... i did not like the folding of sleeves... but then again.. i think it was only aamir khan who saved the film from being a south indian flick into a proper bollywood hit...

either ways... aamir has competition in looks from no one else but ME!

Prude said...

I love your light style of writing when it comes to reviews! Way to go girl! Will watch gajani asap :-)

Tsu said...

@Karthik: Of Course no one can stand a chance against u cutie pie ;-)

@Prude: The movie inspires me.. due credit must be given to it!

Lakshman said...


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