Mighty fall

27 January, 2009

Donald Trump must be having a field day while the corporate world has taken a liking to his famous catch phrase and using, misusing and abusing it right, left and centre.


This post does come as a reminder to the dreadful feeling many of us feel, anticipating that you might be the next in the line of fire, or felt before and after the final call came through. May be you got a phone call from your friend and you had no clue how to console him or her on the glitch in their ladder.

But for us, at work in Reuters, it is news. Big news, which we need to get our hands dirty with. Numbers talk while people walk. Today we saw at least 50,000 job cuts in the United States. Either I have been living in a self built, impenetrable cocoon of sorts where these details do not affect me, or make me worry about my job or I am highly insensitive.

It hit me today that I could have been one of them and now could easily become one. But then I looked around and saw how my company, in the interest of its shareholders, its employees, have taken many a measure to ensure we still remain standing for a very long time to come. Cost cutting in small ways which put a smile on my face because I realised they are not alone, nor am

  • Two become One – I walked into the coffee room and stood in front of the coffee machine. The only problem was, there was no coffee machine any more. They first stopped filling it with coffee powder, reduced the number of packets of milk bought, shared it with the other machine and finally was put to rest. Amen
  • Can it stand on 3 pillars? – Well, I am not talking about the actually pillars but due to the extreme measure taken by Bangalore’s Commissioner of Police, regular smokers shuttle between work at their desk for a quick smoke near the gate. This hiked up the usage of the elevator and sometimes now I find only three of them working.
  • Double or Single – We have lost our double pay system of getting double pay if you work on national holidays.
  • Most of the stationery cupboards are locked for good.
  • If there is ink in the printer, there is no A4 sheets and vice versa. (At least the Amazon forests are being saved)

I am trying to finish this off in a high note. So this is to hoping all of us keep our jobs, grow upwards and never be too far away from a hot cuppa coffee.

4 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

Sigh... exactly what i thought when i saw the single cofi machine. Better that than us.

Prude said...

Lets just hope these small signs of cost cutting are not a pre-emptive of something bad to come...

I like the 'number talk while people walk'. Lots happening here as well. We're human Tsu...of course we will be insensitive till it smacks our butts!

Tsu said...

@jus me: def better than us!! bye bye coffii machine!
@Prude: they are! we have lived a cushy life, if we don go thru this we cannot possibly irritate the next generation with our grand dialogues of how we crawled our way to the top and see what self made person looks n feels like! :) good times in bad!

~P~ said...

ouch I like ur reaction to prude's comment the best...self made person n all the preaching we look forward to doing...ahhh so imaginative...lol...i agree totally it won't affect us until it boils down to losing tht ever so loved job, the one that we wrked hard to get, d one we wrkd hard at n d one we finally r hardly wrkin at...

I dnt know how to end :) or :(

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