Things that I dream about in office

15 April, 2009

    Certain times, in office, some incident happens that reminds me of movie scenarios. This is one of my "this could happen to me" moments that I conjure up, which is purely based on silly instance or occurring at my work place.
    For example, not a few minutes back the lights above my desk and a couple of others flickered. Anyone would have thought, not thought. Period. So those people who are a bit jobless, like I seem to be now, might have had some sort of idea. Say… "Oh! May be the building is having an electricity fluctuation problem." But not me. A whole movie with alien invasion flashed in front of my eyes.
    The movie: Independence day
    When: Just as the alien mother f**ker, I mean mother ship is nearing Earth.
    Where: In an office which has lots of similarities to the one I am in now. Pretty lights, a big ass television screen (which in my office, the company has compensated by keeping 2-3 sets around the newsroom)
    I immediately have got the complete picture sorted out in my head. The flicker of the lights have something to do with alien invasion. They want to take over the world and have realised from previous attempts that knowledge is power. So they have decided to infiltrate the sources of information. "Info Lockdown" And OBVIOUSLY I am the person who saves the day by "pulling the plug." For more of this story, you need to fund to make the movie.
    Well, there you go... Your Blockbuster, for me ... My Stress Buster :)

3 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

I'd think Transformers. Big good cars nd trucks. Tall buildings to break. top floor, Optimus Prime tall enough to peer in the window. And the weird beeps we keep hearing. Look out, maybe he's there :P

pRicky said...

Uh!!! LOL
Wow!!! are you sure your head didnt have a short circuit???
though I am glad you didnt think it was a scene out of The day the earth stood still... That would be painful imagination...

@JUS ME: Transformers is very cool!!

Tsu said...

@jus me...: I reallyy hope he is arouund... I like Bumble Bee more though :)
@pRicky: I havent seen the day earth stood still... that would be when I win a Pulitzer for the best piece of art (whichever it may be) MY earth def will!!!

AMEN: Transformers = very cool!!!!

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