Things that I dream about in office part 2

16 April, 2009

I love being a journalist. Although I am yet to break news and shout out from the top floor of the building opposite to the Leela Palace a piece of information that is bound to move markets, I am sure to get there one day! Until that time, I am going to enjoy covering the U.S. financial markets out of Bangalore, India. Let me be a bit clearer, we are a News Wire Agency. So we have what is called the Wire!

In that Wire, today I pressed a link from a press release by mistake and it opened up to that particular company's website. HIT ONE!

The movie: The Butterfly Effect
What: Rippley's believe it or not... Ripple Effect In that few moments of instant clicks, I have already written my sequel for the above mentioned movie. Our heroine is an ambitious, young public relations agent who's job is being threatened, as part of the cost cutting initiatives started by the company during the recession. If she does not help to instigate more people to click on their online website that sells the most amazing product on the earth, she will be sacked!

The small tap from my seat pushed the company's website up on google search, helping the company acheive its sales target for the year and finally the PR lady gets saved. ALL BECAUSE OF ME YOU KNOW!!!

I save the day! Rippley's believe it or not
Now, let me go and save my ass! People might start to wonder whether they pay me to dream!

To Dream a new dream!

4 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

ROFL! are u smoking crack secretly? i'm beginning to confuse words. turn them around. twist them. confuse them. i need....... a world out of this room.
Now you sit and think how the Butterfly Effect be turned into reality?

crumbs said...

and they complain about declining standards in media today. I wonder why :D

pRicky said...

Ok you need every circuit changed...
Yyou know thin line between being a PR and a jurno... I think you erased it today...
I fonly they knew why they paid you... I am sure they would make better use of you... ;-)

Tsu said...

@jus me... May be!! :D
@Crumbs: Podeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@pRicky: if only you could tell!!! :D

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