Bucket List Unfinished

24 February, 2011

For the brief moment I spoke to one of my good friends, I realized that it is easier to look back – say the last ten years or lesser, say five years – and count at the things you had dreamt about doing and not done. Everyone has their bucket list but I think with increasing age and changing priorities the list is like life – never constant. So why fret about the things you haven’t done and list the things that you actually never thought would have entered “the-things-to-do-in-life-in-ten-years” and point out some that you have. I hope whoever is reading this can name at least 5! :-) Mine are as follows and by the way it is more difficult than you think. Why? Cause you have raised the bar high for yourself by doing great things :) pat yourself for that and cheers to many more…

1. I went to London to study – I never thought I could convince my mom, who was quite adamant that Indian education is much better
2. Paris/Egypt – Went to some of my dream destinations
3. Fell in love, fell out of it, got my heart broken, broke a heart and did one all over again
4. Business Journalism – of all the things the one thing I NEVER dreamed of is to become a part of the financial sector. And I love it!
5. Poetry – I was always in love with words. I tried my hand at prose. Theory is not my cup cake! Then all of a sudden there she was… My muse. And then to make life better, brighter and sun shiny I stumbled upon Emily Dickinson!

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crumbs said...

:) seems like a breezy list. I was thinking about what I would put in mine and realised that it probably would be my WHOLE LIFE.

I don't think much has gone according to The Plan with me, but it still is all wonderful :)

But old lists make me so happy!

and PS, I'm glad you and poetry found each other

crumbs said...

oh, pss: I LOVE the contrast of your blog template against the flash msg at the bottom! :D
Only you, Tsu, only you!

crumbs said...

oh, oh, ppps: I meant it to be pps the last time. not pss!

and pppps: I will always think of this blog as Tsu's.

and ppppps: next time, i will try and remember everything I have to say before I hit 'Publish Comment' :D

Me Thinks.. said...

Your blog is so unlike chinkchakgarbage, but still you. Its awesome. And the best part is unlike me, you have kept it going!
Can you add five more things you want to do? I can relate with the Biz journo bit. I never thought I would write for IT ever!

The Wandering Minstrel said...

im seeing u after 4 years i think.
used to be frequent when MeThinks was still writing on her blog - she stopped, and I stopped coming and I stopped coming to u too.
She is back again, i hope she stays, and i found u again too.
PS: ur still the queen of hunting up the world's best blog templates!

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