Wats wrong in Chennai?

29 December, 2005

The only bloody thng wich i can see is fundamentally rong in chennai in one word CLIMATE!!! gosssh! ive not even been outta ma house for a couple o hours and im sweating like a pig(have problems with that phrase cuz i seriously ve no clue whether pigs sweat? if they do which jobless ass discovered tht?? yuk!) maybe blore is way to pleasant for anything to beat tht climate!!! Phew! ive done nothing since i came here other than msgn like crazy to all my friends... every mornin dad wonders how his mobile charge is so low;-) will great suprises wen i came to chennai! my best friend has found his best girl!!! oh i feel like julia roberts in my best friends wedding nly minus the psycho i wanto fip them apartt!!!!!!(srikki this is wer i mention u in my blog!heheh!) i jus realised in few yrs many of my friends(ie) yall are gonna get caught in marriage!!! hahah call me! wink!oh if u think of dragging me also into this jus know i turned down a dude's marriage proposal(workin in polaris,28 roamin the world anybody want his no pls contact mua! che broker dah!) WHY? cuz i found my "tru lou!"(oh bout tht il tell later in greater detail k!) oh btw he is an actor (who is rumoured to be dating rajini's daughter!) i told my granny!! poor lady dint know how to respond,did not react!
now i gotta go! meeting surya(not the actor,i wont cheat on another actor, as of now atleaast ... wink!) love ciao
oh btw if ur wondering were in this has she spoken bout wats wrong in chennai... first sentence.... i love chennai nothing else seems to be rong with it!!!! ('o")

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ujju said...

Chennai rocks man! seriously. one can have a lot of fun there. but maybe only if u have friends thre or have lived there. which is exactly why i love it:) friends a msg panriyame? yenaku ore msg did u send??!! NAAAHIII! (dramatic pose)

moontalk said...

marriage proposal?n I do not know bout it??!!hurt!very hurt!u broke my heart into a zillion pieces...
hurmph!wat has the world come down to man?
people put up things in their blog, but wont tell their own friends!

Tsu said...

@moonie ... hey man atleast this gotcha to chk this blog and message me bak from ur busy schedule.... hmph!without me party?????? u suk!!! stick tongue out

Tsu said...

ujju u wat im talkin about.... friends, beach, chennai, cheap fud, loads o non-expensive places to hang out.... life wat else

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