ConFeSsiONs oF a DANGEROUS (never) MiNd

11 August, 2006

We all have our DirtY little Secrets. Hidden facts. Even if youre best of friends! You may deny this fact but they know its not true, cause they ve some too...

I was reading this book 'can you keep a secret' by sophie someone(sorry abt tat! cant rem her last name at all!) Very interesting and you get a sense of satisfaction, an inborn pleasure of knowing something that no one else will ever know! takin it to your grave The 'soul'(bubbling with secrets) in a particularly 'hazardous'( thinks its fatal) situation barfs her inner most thoughts and desires to her co-passenger, who by shheerr tuf luck turns out to be her "superboss." The best part is how the boss(hero!!!)twists these lil secrets of hers to fit into her daily life without another soul figuring out the 'depths' of their conversations.

The most exhilarating part of any book, in my opinion, is when u can actually picture yourself in that situation. Speculations of how I would react in a situation like that. funny circumstances; or grave ones. this particular book was doubly exciting cause I can see a lotta me in her! The things running in her head, in mine...


1. The only form of water I dont like is the RAIN (*gasp*)

2. I dont lik surprises (most of it cause i usually find out!)
SPONTANIETY suprises me; Suprises DON'T

3. I am selfish. wont share unless i think ive had enuf of it myself! (going to get me into the deppths of shit!!! fooling around with english)

4. I cry at/for anything remotely emotional when I am alone.

5. SO many secrets swooshed into my head when i started the first point. Just cant bring myself to confess!!!

* Vanilla inspiration *

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Me Thinks.. said...

confessions my ass! i know all of this and much more! what ya i thought u would reveal some juicy stuff!! not fair at all..

ujju said...

he he he. yup. got most of it in the conversation we had.
u dont like rain? hmm..i think i knew that. well.. yeah.. i think i do.
u dont like suprises? ok that i did not know. i thought u did. tho' i never gave u one..i know a lot of people who kept at it persistently. how sad.
hmm..i'm selfish too, to an extent. definitely..i have chocolate in hand..not too keen on sharing..but what to do? i like taking other people's stuff tho;) so i'm greedy as well..ok..i better stop.
hmm..when i'm alone..yeah..i think i ve cried at some lame happy mushy movies or happy happy kind'o movies.
nice post. he hehe..very nice.

FaNcyPaNtS said...

is this your confession or information.......????
hmmmmm....only someone close to you can prove that a womens heart is a deep ocean of secrets

moontalk said...

COMPLETELY agree with ujju n me thinks ...thats hardly qualifies as confessions mate!may be u re such an open buk aint ya! :D
lets get the juciy stuff out...or shld d rest of us to gang up, n do that for ya :D okay guess, another thing u dont like are lame threats ;)
woman's heart whaaa>???? :D

vidi said...

thooooooo... confessions aaa???
tell secrets propely ya.. we are all waiting...(furiously winking and injuring self)...heheh
@moontalk On "@dancing falmes" : hahahahaha...

vidi said...

p. s... can i plaese borrow that book?? could fill up the much needed romance in ma life:D

moontalk said...

@ vidi
thats wat i tot wen i borrowed that my life is overflowing with romance. right! *rolls eyes*

pRicky said...

World's worst kept secrets is what I would like to say to them.

Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees