MySORE trip

15 August, 2006

Su and I struggled outta the soft cozy bed covers on a sunday morning! Saturday passed so swiftly! Good fun...Bath took us both less than ten min!!! wonder whether the water even hit us??? with the cold mornin upon us i really dont rememmber!(pathetic excuse)
Went and woke up an auto man!(revenge for all those days they asked for extra money, bust their sleep)

THEN came the hit in the face... a mega huge queue for the tickets. the trrain which was leaving at 6.30, a line with more than 30 people and we arrive at 6.20. well u can guess what happened next! not exactly!!! our luck came a knocking. acually OPENING the other counter. HAlf the crowd rushed to the other line. Su was that many people closer to the counter... our hearts raced. "Maybe we can just make it in to the train"

WE made it, we made it... finally got the tickets. we ran towards the platform only to see the train pull away from the station. HORRIBLE feeling! anyway we caught the next train which thankfully was at 7AM. half an hour late! dint make a difference for me. the best trip ever! i slept like a rock. dint know the world around me... if there was a bomb on the train, i wuld ve died peacefully!!! ;) anyone wants to talk abt the worst case scenario- gotto hell...

Jumpin the time travel, we reach the infosys campus!!! one word : MASSIVE !!! brilliance ... from half priced food items to a multiplex theatre, basketball courts, and resort like rooms. A building made with projections. if u connect those 3D point u will get narayan murthy's signature!!! engineers!!! pah!!

after a tiring day of walkin around the 350 acres of land(i dont think we touched even quarter of it) we caught the 5PM train. and VOILA!! no seats available and wer we sit??? on the luggage counter on top of the seats in the train. very funny wen you and ure friend are perched up the train. unforgettable!!!

2 Scribbles:

pRicky said...

quite a luggage aren't you?

Me Thinks.. said...

somehow reminded me of my train journey!!

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