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27 August, 2006

I was standing in a corner shop,in a huge line of people waiting to take photo copies. A girl with financial business book from the post graduation dept of Christ college. I smiled and turned towards this old gentleman. A look of exhaution was written across his face. But he had to finish the work he came for. People's lives depended on it! Yea... so did mine. if i dint get bak in time i would be dishonorably discharged from my house.
I then saw the papers he took out for photo copy. they were maths sums and my head snapped to concentration. AHa!he was one of those over enthu dads who do their sons or daughters dirty jobs. He whispered a number of copies. I turned my attention to a relatively younger guy chewing paan! Disgusting... My eyes travelled back to the old uncle with " viboothi pattai" i thought dude must be a tam for sure. At that moment the boy came with the xerox copies and said 60 copies. That got me a little suspicious. the number was too close to comfort.
Hopin that it wouldnt seem very obvious i leaned against the counter and then i saw it. jus like i remember all of them. Every single one of them. And the first thought was i wish i had it in my hand befor i attempted tham and sucked at it. It WAS a math paper for the 10TH grade students. THIS gentleman was ACTUALLY holding the strings to SO MANY lives. People's lives DID depend on That very slim sheet of paper.
Out of that SELFISH WISH of "oh! i wish i had it before my exam" i could visualise my own math teacher standing in the corner...

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Me Thinks.. said...

cool! good one.. i could visualise it.. peoples lives depend on one single xerox machine, i mea what has the world come to!! math teacher.. no comments!
Hey its too close for comfort..

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