15 August, 2006

i saw KANK yesterday!!! some great soul did the editing for us! Bless the guy!

but one scene in the movie kinda made sense. i dunno yet whether i believe it or not. Life changes due to circumstances. that pulls the chord where we think our decisions control our life. i am not saying that the choices we make dont lead to 'circumstances' but this arguement is that circumstances form and we are forced to choose.
well i have this one situation. but circumstances beyond my control are moving the pawns. actually no! i can change that. but i dunno whether the path is right? worth travelling on?

Sometimes u cant promise cuz of the fear u wont be able to keep up but when ure frightened that that u wont be able to keep it up, hearts break!!! hurting more than the fact that u mite not be able to keep up the promise...

*Total annhilation*

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moontalk said...

u re the one who always said, "you are wat u chose". and that is the msot sensible line to take. have u ever wondered y is that when we say circumstances forced us to chose, its never bout a gud choice?its not really cause n effect anu...they inter change...circumstances creat choices, n coices creat more circumstances that creat more choices...n it goes on.
its weird, life is weird.its never as neat as we'd like it to be.we'll jsu have to pull up our socks n life on with it right? :)
have faith in your choices...doubts are always there.but hang in there, n it WILL work!
p.s.sk n rani did get together in the end didnt they??? :D

pRicky said...

its a situation of the bloody viscious circle and Catch22 fornicating in unision.

Me Thinks.. said...

@moontalk oi its not sk and rani!! its SRK and rani!! a world of difference!!
i agree with the promise part, breaks hearts like hell! sometimes circumstances are hmmm, beyond our control!!

moontalk said...

@ me thinks
honestly i really am beyond caring.sk, srk, ah well think rani n certain someone else can wrooy bout the minor details.y re u worried??!:D

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