Heads or Tails

12 October, 2006

HIM: Gets up early and calls the morning beautiful... (barf!) Meticulously smoothens his bed and folds the covers neatly in a particular arrangement(OCD???).
SHE: Coils deep into the bed when the sun shines. Believes that there should be a better way to start a morning rather than having to wake up!(lazy) crumpled bedspread(well, not spread at all) blanket AND bed!

HIM: Drinks(noisily) cold chocolate(baby!)
SHE: Drinks coffee(oh how grown up!!!)

HIM: Gets ready for university half an hour before actual time. Makes breakfast for both. Makes lunch and is already thinking of innovative ideas for dinner! Strolls in for class on time.
SHE: Running to the class, she doesnt have any ideas where it is and thinking... Whats he gonna cook tonight? I am already hungry...

HIM: Chews loudly (on his gum[gham of not being home,with girl,food???]) to stay awake in lecture.
SHE: Snore snore zzzzzzzz.............

HIM: Enthusiastically rushes towards the library and orders for books from other campuses. Goes and collects his camera equipment and figures the mechanisms out.
SHE: Snore zzzzzzzzzzz....... uh huh! What??? HEY i am not in a course where we have any equipment except our brains(rusted? nah! should be in use... RECONSIDERING course!!!)

HIM: Health Conscious(FreAK!!!) ... If not in the gym,pushups in the room. Boy! get down and gimme 20!!! :)
SHE: Ju Jitsu classes(cute cop instructor... drool drool... sigh) various positions to chk him out and workout sessions have begun!!! Kick boxing is Violence(no hots for the instructor and too many ab exercises, CRUNCH!!!)

HIM: I am going to make the university pay me my tuition fee back by renting all the foreign movies and reading all the books from the library, every night... The double life of Veronica(krzysztof kieslowski) Casablanca(girl's choice... macho image not romance!!! wat re u talking abou???)
SHE: WHAAATEVERRRR (Likes the idea but nonchalant!!!:)

HIM: I am feeling sleepy(Clock Strrrrikkkkes 12)
SHE: LetS PartEY!!! But okay u wanna sleep, I will talk something interesting
HIM: Bitch! there goes my sleep
SHE: Giggle Giggle...!!! uh huh! Shashank???
HIM: zzzzzzz....... I wanna call up the . . .(brit accent!!!) ya da ya da ya da...(luckily its not sleep walking!!!)
SHE: Sigh! he is in dreamland already!... (drumming fingers...) SO what do You think he will cook for tommorow???

5 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

loved the ending! superb!somethings never change.. hilarious!looks like u guys are having loads of fun.. i like the part when u say its twelve an dhe wants to sleep, u wanna party! so typical! he he he

pRicky said...

you are sued under defamation...

Tsu said...

@pricky: :P to u too...
@MT: yesterday for some reason the roles were reversed and today morning!!! well it WAS a gr8 morning!!! u knw WHO kept really really quiet abt his opinion:)

ujju said...

lol! so is it chandler and ross? chandler and joey? or lol..quite possibly..will and grace? lol. fun post yo:)

Anonymous said...

Niiiice. :)

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