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09 October, 2006

So I am jobless. Like really jobless! Not that i have work that is boring so i am jobless. I have classes only two days in the week. Wednesdays and Friday! i could have been doing a parttime course for all i care.
Well I start caring when i am not doing a part time and pssing away time. Money is a horrible constraint on having fun and even a restraining you from doing wat u always wanted to do in Europe- travel!!!
Coming back to the event I am trying to explain: Saturday like any other normal day of the week started out to be uneventful but then susha came and said I have been invited to this Jesus crew meeting. A place where we could meet people. Hmm... Interesting and i was curious to see how these christian meetings wher held. i have been to many bhajan sessions thank you very much!!!
We took off and reached the Marlybone campus in Baker's street. we walked inside to find that it was being held in a "bar" A proper bar!!! you know the warning bells that go off in ure head when u feel danger is staring at ure face? My head was exploding... But anyway we went to the meeting and the first impression was shattered. Pretty good people we met and the event was cool. with food and drinks, a waffle draw where i won a cd!:)

Then came a pastor. he was so young and the delivery of God's word was so powerful that everyone was nearly in tears. I have always felt it in my bones (and this occurs only in some temples and holy places of worship) where u can feel a vibe of prayer! Prayer constitutes itself into God and the presence is felt. Vibrant and positive. the energy is infallible. We came back so light hearted ... I cant argue with the people who have converted into christianity from their own faith because the people are so warm and most importantly the prayer is your own. No mantras and hymns that we dont even understand but repeat it with utmost gusto!

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FaNcyPaNtS said...

lot of pple find peace in saying mantras and hyms just the way u felt lighthearted after listening to the word of god...... diff pple for diff views....
jesus crew meeting in a bar huh...?
imagin the same in bangalore...*
(funny sight)

pRicky said...

welll well
I didn't know the inside story.
I agreed with you then and i second this post now but I also think FP has comprehensively summarised the whole deal. good going one of your better posts. nice going T

ujju said...

ur jobless. why dont u get a partime job u loafer! instead of going to bars! in a bar? seroiusly? duuuudeee! far out!

vidi said...

yup, saying prayers and chanting mantras, all the same deal, how you look at it. your blog!good going!
..but in a bar??? serious???? :0

Dan D Don said...

Now is that what ppl say attaining transcendence listening to tranceeeeeeeeeee? Hopefully u won a trance cd lover :)

sravan said...

wat beter place 2 realize tiz? beer is d proof god loves us! :P

n i cant less agree wth fancypants .. ppl do feel in unison wth god after chantin mantras n hymns, atleast i do. tz al in d mind.

neway, tiz kinda religious communion in a bar is somethn i have read in one of paulo coelho's buks, guez 'the zahir' - surprised 2 kno it hapens in reality.

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