A Watch dog and A Spin doctor- A profession!

26 October, 2006

A journalist and PR person is moslty seen at loggerheads with each other in the field of media. the crux of his existance is to bring the truth in the light and the competence of a PR practitioner is to give the news which is reputation damaging a spin, sugar coat it if i can put it that way.

These two professions are inter dependent in a way that both the parties do not want to accept a favour status. a journalist calls a PR person when he is dry and needs news. Inside story. And when a PR person needs publicity to project the client organization. Free Publicity.

NOW, the separation of professional outlook did not occur to me up until recently. Yesterday! We had a small debate where i could not persuade him to accept my views and he could not convince me of his. Well this is what "they" say! keep ure friends closer and enemies closer! nOWWWWW Which one would THAT be??? :-)

4 Scribbles:

pRicky said...

Dear T
I am the only one who is both so you can use that rule without a worry...
Cheers dear PR

Tsu said...

@pricky: DO I HAVE A CHOICE??? ;)

Me Thinks.. said...

he he he Public relations is creating conflict between private relations!!
good one!!

Tsu said...

@MT: heheh so much for media and communications... we have a trading relationship anyway.. beyond personal into professional one!!!:)

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