Expect none

02 April, 2007

Can someone tell me how can I stop expecting things from people???
I have heard many saying that the root of all evil is expectations and that I have stopped expecting things from people. Please will those "people" tell me how to stop expecting?
I feel really pathetic to tell someone that remember the day you were feeling really down and I pampered you like a child without allowing you to pick up one piece of jackass? Can you please just get me some food in my plate cause I am sick with fever and I cant move my finger let alone get up from the bed?
That is outright trivializing the fact that I genuinely wanted to help my friend when she/he was in need of me. Its basically saying that Well, I helped you now you help me. Its no barter system. Its not a negotiation, not a relationship which you set the terms. You are friends and when the other is in need, you do what ever to help, no questions asked. I feel so cheap expecting my friends to help me when I need help!
So much for Self-sufficient, strong independent woman. Feminism to the fucking savage beasts!

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Prude said...

Nothing to do with feminism...when ill, even a guy is brought down to his knees. Its not abt asknig, needing or being helped at all times but more like a solid support system. You don't take it...but when you need it, you expect it without having to ask for it. Tho yes making sure ur completely self sufficient saves u the bad taste of people not living up to ur expectations and by not asking i guess eventually you stop expecting.

ujju said...

i left comment on marriage post! go seeeeeeeeeee
ey thoo..for everything one word verification

ujju said...

actually i left on two posts more now..ey this word verification no..

crumbs said...

expectations are not the root of all evil, they are the "mother of all fuck ups"
if you get what i mean :)


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