29 April, 2007

Emotions inside come gushing out
Front my face faces his world
With no remorse or prejudice
A mere futile attempt at understanding

Truth half masked with black laced cloth
Shrouded in agony of betrayal
Eyes exempt glory or joy
Chosen path thrust on unyielding hands
Shaped me, shaped in me, shaped for me

Seen through the vacant spaces
Vacant eyes search for blood to spill
A time will arrive
A time to die and a time to kill.

6 Scribbles:

ujju said...

very cool. how do i put it.. fantasy/mythical-book-like :)

Prude said...

awesome. This could be you, me, the person at the end of the street or the best friend.
A time to die and a time to kill...
its all there...and thrust in the chosen path...we believe we're making choices and choosing our destiny but its us chioces it knows we'll have no choice but to make!

crumbs said...

"time to die and time to kill..."
u planning to bomb the tube or some??
(pppsstt, i kw u'll hate me for absolutely inappropriate comment, but wat the heck, could not resist:P)

Tsu said...

@ujju:thanks mate!
@prude: Bulls Eye!!!
@crumbs: I will make crumbles outta u!!!

~P~ said...

Planning to already do, with words. Let the pen in your hand be the weapon always!

Me Thinks.. said...

hmmm searching for blood to spill!!
The imagery is amazing... like always..

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