Leader and the Clown

25 April, 2007

Conversation amicable
saying and staying true to your heart
a choice that comes with trust.

And then the roles are defined
they are settled
but not for long you see
dynamism is way of life path

Responsible was never felt a burden
until the roles frayed from the thought
People changed and so did the terms
conditions abundant laid over

Do I hope and wish for it
Destiny cannot be this lopsided
the Leader is left only with gratitude
the Clown takes all of them

Crowning the leader and
Despising the clown makes no eternal difference
expect for the two very own

6 Scribbles:

Prude said...

All I can say is that...I have never ever read something so subtle and classy...
And that I understand...

Tsu said...

I couldnt take it any longer... the result is apparent. i mean i think i keep irritating myself asking this question again and again... wouldnt want role reversals either!
Dont like the clown. behead the Leader...

pRicky said...

Ok Just cause you dont tell me doesnt mean I cant figure out that this is about something speific...
And And
If you must know I liked it in its ambiguity...
Emily Dickinson ingood mood...

~P~ said...

I ve said this before...you write well! Nice expression...and i agree wth pricky...emily dickinson...ahhhh well ur writng's just d tip of the iceberg! ;)

Tsu said...

@pricky: obviously anythign i write is cuz of something specific but then u dint know what it was, was the catch..
@p: i know tip of the iceberg...! miles to go before i sleep! robert frost where are u?

Me Thinks.. said...

responsible was never felt a burden..
Sexy line, I dont know why i can relate with it..

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