Walk away!

19 April, 2007

Walk away!

Her determined steps meant nothing to her intellect at the moment. She was walking not into the sunset and definitely there had'nt been any sunrise in her opinion, for long. For longingness was taking her to place she did not want to go, want to be, want to see. Yet she surged forward. Her calculated steps swayed her from side to side, an inflammation sprouting from her unsure, indecisive mind.

She was not dying though every waking minute her life flashed in front of her. She had not accomplished anything.A meager peasant girl in a land not worth conquering. No one came, no one saw, no one left. No one was ever hers and she never was someone elses.

She walked further, her feet sinking into the abyssmal wet earth. If she concentrated enough she thought she could hear the grass grow. Slowly. Painfully slow. Just as her inches neared her track. The speeding train on its tracks slapped her hair across her tough face. Hated it, she hated anything in her face. Hair. Grime. People.

Not another step. She was not going to take another step leading her to doom. Apocalypse is not hers. Not yet. She will go on. For however long it takes. For now! Now is forever!

2 Scribbles:

pRicky said...

Never for a moment di I ever think that my dear Emily Dickinson could actually write stories also...
Abstract nonetheless power strike a direct KO...

Me Thinks.. said...

I wanna read more of such stuff..
You should write a book..
This story is so feel-good..

Loved it...

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