Love Seasons

28 May, 2007

In the snare of adversity
comes the true color of romance
forging a signature of fidelity
singing an eternal duet to dance

Seasons may storm away
peach and maple lock hands
autumn and summer are here today
fallen are the monuments to the sands

Birth to the foot of the rock
love is an ancient temple
branches and blossoms the building block
pappery passions scribbled to a rumple

Every beginning has an end
and end a beginning
what is not yours, you cannot lend
the simplest answer is in the living

7 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

any reason u were sure i'll like this???i do...but still...
i think its one of the simplest poems that u wrote, and that's where the charm of this one lies
tell me tsu, how is that u manage to write stuff that is all so beautiful, and so wildly different from the other????i mean honestly, i'm baffled . i really am!!

~P~ said...

how many do u have in ur kitty?? every time i read one of your poems I imagine you getting published one day...please do tsu...please do!! You are really good. keep adding!!

Tsu said...

@crumbs: thanks :) i am overwhelmed..
@p: kitty is half full now!! more coming up!!!:)

Me Thinks.. said...


brilliant...romance hmmm..
can i please have a personal copy??

Prude said...


You put a smile on my lips and a dreamy trance to my steps in just four stanzas! :)

Tsu said...

@MT: you can have the poet only!!! still wnt the personal copy???
@Prude: awwww.. thanks babes!! now find some cute officer n make out under the sun!!!

Me Thinks.. said...

yes still want...;)

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