Barren Life

28 May, 2007

under constant vigilance
approval from higher ground
every flower looks up towards the skies
an answer searched in vain

the downpour of drops
drooling smoothly on the surface
scarred in the darkness that envelopes
stringing very essence of pleasure
harmless yet hurting for either
repetition yet once ultimatum passed

a dream that brought me to reality
reality still in a dream
a sliver of what could have been
splintered into a million not

sense found by the beholder
for I could not explain
rhyme or reason
for being, for questioning
frozen, etched, or erased

Once again I look above
heavens intervene, I beg
white blank space fills me within
flock of sheep bleating
wondering whether tis a sign
tears welling up thy ashened face
barren savage rain take cover.

4 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

now the poem became all sad sad :(
i like version one was like me...confused :)
"i looked up to heaven, and it rained on me"
;0 half of a great line i came up with, and i feel so accomplished :D :D

Tsu said...

@crumbs: I know it did but then how long can I go on writing happy endings. Wanted to give it a sad open ending.. thats the catch, better things can happen later!!

Me Thinks.. said...

your sad endings rock, actually every poem of yours rocks..

keep writng
thats all i can say!
speechless completely!!!


Tsu said...

@MT: sad endings have something in them right??? siggh!story of life!

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