13 May, 2007

Have you ever felt extremely hopeless about a situation in your life that you cannot move ahead and you definitely do not feel like getting stagnated in that spot???
Well, I am there at the moment. Not a great place at all.
This whole leaving things to time is getting to me. I know that it is the right thing to do but then I am so impatient.
Its like when it rains. I want it to just stop and I want to be able to get out of my house, room when I want to, without bothering that I will get drenched.

In search of freedom,
cannibal webs surround
silky strands of noose,
groping around the voice of music
Far from the depths of earth
grounded at the surface
surpassing all qualms of shame and guilt

Heavens laugh,
hell smirks its beckoning seduction
earthly raindrops felt on the face of innocence
no more alive, no more death
all for act of loosened bond chains
key to the portal disappeared, faint.

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~P~ said...

Am speachless. Despite all the hopelessness I see the ray of hope in your words. They are just completely fabulous, read it over again, you might see what I'm talking about. And just so you know, I am standing right next to you, perhpas you didn't see because I went searching for the right compliment to thank you for spelling it out so clearly for me...Just found it...
ROM 4: 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. (Bible)

Tsu said...

@P: I am happy that you saw the light which I am sure wasnt there in my mind when I wrote it!! Now I do!
Thanks for the comment:)

crumbs said...

for once i can relate to wat u wrote, not just see it
cannibal web, hopeless, seduction, faint

Me Thinks.. said...

loved it..
no mre alive, no more death rocks..

very well written..
looks like you are in too much of a quicksand like situation

sravan said...

... I know that it is the right thing to do but then I am so impatient.

- reminds me of tiz tat i read somewhere - please god, give me patience, but quickly! :D

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