26 August, 2007

Dear Diary,

I just feel so grown up!

Mood: Indecisive, Contemplative and Inexpressive

I was pushed to the status of "I am meeting you for the first time and I need to behave well" by a friend who I did not consider this close till now.

If I can think of him this way and the other with disrespect what is my basis?

I want to give him a tight hug before I leave. I need courage. I am so chicken!!!

Mood: Disturbed, Non-Enlightened, Questioning.

He will be my first best!!!

Mood: Glad and Grateful.

I am upset that I got to work for not even a two months.

Signing off
- Bar Associate
J.D.Weatherspoons, the New Moon, Kenton

3 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

Lables: friendships and mood swings

sigh! why are they together so often?!?

and oh, awesome template :)

Prude said...

Love it!!!
Hug away girl!! ;)
Solid awesome two months where u did some immensely strong and mature things...damn proud of ya!
Tusi jaa rahe ho??
Tusi naa jaao. :(

Tsu said...

@Crumbs: Thinking of changing my name as well... Just feel different I guess..
@Prude: I am not feeling that great about it.. I mean I never want to be in that position ever!!! :( and thats the same fear that has completely engulfed me right now!!! oh how can I leave u and go???

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