09 August, 2007

Sunshine on the flower petal
So tender
Bound with beauty of thee
Yet when it comes
A gush of wind
Gracefully falling to the earth
Never to return

Still in its tenderness
It lay there still
Bound by its fragrance
Yet when it comes
A gush of wind
Graces your senses
Never to leave.

8 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

why did u end it so soon?
Its too small, dint want it to finish only...

I like both the never to leave, never to return part..

nice imagery..

danny said...

Wordsworth's prodigy :)

Tsu said...

@MT: sometimes less is more!
@danny: I am thoroughly flattered! :)

Prude said...

:) soothing.
it sounds like the only real truth...there's always warmth in the suns rays and the fragrance of the earth always graces ur senses after a rain.
Always the same...never to change...yet never the same.

FaNcyPaNtS said...

i just felt like drinking hot coffee after reading it.....

sravan said...

nice tone and imagination, keep it up :). me lost touch on my poetic capabilities :(.

pRicky said...

So started this again na??
But this is not Emily Dickinson...
Me had read it before Me thinks :P

Tsu said...

@Prude: was thinking of all of us!
@Fancypants: and I hope thts a good feeling :-)
@Sravan: you will write man! ure just trying to hard and I havent spoken to u for so long so no inspiration ;-) I am taking credit for ure nice poems he eh...
@Pricky: I cant contain it!!! not Emily very romantic poem actually! Not thinking of death here!!! he eh

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