Hell Met (Jab we met)

05 November, 2007

I finally had to buy myself a helmet and contrary to what I expected from myself I was pretty excited about wearing one. It had flowery girly prints that subdued the harshness of the black blob on my head which I was happy about. A picture of a skeleton was also given to me as an option. Well I did not want a constant reminder of whats first to go if I met with an accident. A skeleton= whats on the inside is on the outside!!!

Then came the shocker! I wore it and was driving. I could hear a faint rumble of a car engine and a slight horn of the car. I looked at my rear view mirror and no one was there. I turned to my right and there he was full beam headlights (like the horns of Yama's buffalo), the mean bumper front, a coating of dirt informing me that it has had a rough week and in no mood to take shit. I couldnt hear myself yelp. The helmet had completely soundproofed my ear power. It was shocking to find one of your most trusted sense has betrayed you and it was all your fault. Its going to take me sometime to get adjusted to my pretty helmet. I nearly met hell. :)

4 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

pretty flowers on a helmet alongside a skeleton.
sigh! sounds pretty much like the stuff you'd get yourself! :D

word verific: jkickk
just kick???

FaNcyPaNtS said...

suddenly i had a very weird vision of skeletons wearing flowers he he he

well that helmet should look lot better than the one you were wearing the other nite.

Me Thinks.. said...

With your helmet you nearly met hell, without it you would have edited the 'nearly' bit!

Better late than never..

Good girl, please take the flowers off ;)

Prude said...

he he drama queen! Yeah well you better stay focussed and alert on the road and no day dreaming!
A flowery helmet?? Jesus who made a girly girl outta you?? ;)

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