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02 May, 2009

My colleague at work rightly pointed out since I got into my team I have been attending one marriage after another. It is not that I don’t attend weddings but since I finished college, I am noticing many of my friends who are of the same age getting hitched.

I guess summer’s the season!

The real reason for me to write this post is not that I am attending more marriages; it is that among the many, there are quite a number of “arranged marriages”. And the astonishing fact, which I am freaked out about, flabbergasted about, is that the girls are already pregnant!

I am not particularly fond of kids for various reasons, one being I do not have the patience to listen to their garb or answer the questions they keep asking on a regular basis. I am not against getting pregnant if the couple want to start a family. But what I cannot understand is in this time and age when contraceptives are so prevalent, condoms being available for not more than 10 bucks, why young couples who are in the age range of 20-24 get pregnant.

Specifically, when it is an arranged marriage, you have no idea what kind of person you have married in the first place. I have known my friends for more than 5 to 7 years and I still discover new things about them everyday or every time I meet them! Why don’t these girls take at least a year to get to know each other, spend time, have fun and then commit to a long-term investment. Sex is a good thing in a marriage, but reproducing so quickly, for me, is not. Not even when it is a guy you were in love with and married. Take some time for yourselves. Enjoy each other’s company.


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crumbs said...

gosh, you sound distressed :D
a lot of girls, who are our age, have different priorities I guess.
I haven't yet got any friends married or pregnant (honestly, I'm upset! I wanna attend wedding all over the place too!), but I think my cousins are making up for it, and like how!
Most of them are arranged marriages and most of them get pregnant, I think with in the first month of it. I guess for them it's like this assembly-line process. You get married, have a kid, then u wait another 2 years, have another one, and then you are done. Love, relationship and all I think, they just hope falls in place somewhere along the way. It's creepy, and honestly petrifying, but for them I guess that's how they live their life. =/

jus me... said...

'long-term investment' - babe Marriage IS the long-term investment. they've locked themselves in and thrown away the key. The idea of getting out of the relationship if they don't like what they discover of the other person isn't something they'd even consider. So maybe having a kid is something nice to fall back on in case the guy turns out to be an asshole. And it works for them... they are happy in their own way and ensure the kid has a good life.
Absolutely unfathomable to us but... it works...
So you better start loading up on baby shower goodies. we know how hard that is :-)

Varun said...

Couldn't have agreed with you more. I do not think it is about contraceptives etc. I think they (your friends) have gone with the flow and the flow says do X, do Y and they just do it without really thinking or planning. Fortunately most of my friends have had self-arranged marriages and hardly any of them have had kids...

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