People born on May 22

22 May, 2009

Alexander Pope: English Poet 1688

Arthur Conan Doyle: British Physician and Writer (Sherlock Holmes not Jurassick Park... dunno what I was thinking!!!) 1859

Harvey Milk: American Politician and civil rights activist 1930

Hergé: Belgian comic book creator (Tin-Tin) 1907

Naomi Campbell: English model and actress 1970

Ram Mohan Roy: Hindu Reformer 1772

I wonder why I have never tried to find this information before… With my uncertain path for the future, I am just glad that I found it today. These are people who I look up to. Not Naomi Campbell or Harvey Milk, but definitely Conan Doyle and Pope. I have been to Belgium and seen the comic book museum from the outside (we were late!!!) and I loved it. Now even more :)

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pRicky said...

ok so why not naomi campbell??? HUH??
I mean what she isn't good enough for you now???
And for Arthur Conan Doyle you remind us of Jaurassic park??? I mean why? I mean why???
Darling, its elementary... Doyle is only sherlock!!!
But this list is something...
I am certain no one important was ever born on my birthday!!!

jus me... said...

pricky, don't quote lines Doyle or Sherlock never said. But I do quite agree - why not Campbell?
Apart from the fact that she's a brat and extremely rude and all those things... she is also a super model and a super achiever...
And Roy too... with all those reforms and all those things you know. Rebel, in todays world :-)
Happy Birthday Babe

Tsu said...

@at both: I am not pretty, obsessed with beauty that I ever looked up to her, I am not one for fame... glamourous fame that is and I want to write.. words are my thing (until I get a smack on the head and realise its not!) thats why not campbell but Doyle!

Varun said...

Happy birthday!

Wow! I did not know that Doyle wrote the Lost World. Interesting...

I need to find out who was born on my birthday :-)

Prude said...

Who are all these people? The only famous person on this page is Tsu! ;-)

Tsu said...

@Varun: sorry my mistake!! :) Sherlock Holmes....
@pRicky: some clear heads up on my mistake would have beengood!!! "$%^*%

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