14 July, 2009

The small town of Forks in Washington State, in which Stephanie Meyers ignited the eternal passion between the Vampire Edward Cullen and petit belle Bella Swan, is now the new Roswell, New Mexico when the alleged UFOs crashed in 1947. Garnished with the Cullen House and topped off with a bunch of dishes named with characters from the book, this town has been vamped!

(LOVE the series, love the book cover [– Forbidden Fruit indeed] )

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

mmmm interesting...been thinking of picking it up. The new ROSWELL? Really?

Tsu said...

I mean... Roswell was my fav for the longest time. Now I am really looking fwd to visiting this place Forks! and the books are beautiful!!! (it just made me feel super young once again.. swweett 16!!)

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