Straight shot

21 July, 2009

I don’t remember this happening ever in my life. The odds were really stacked up against me. Me being in Bangalore, that is, until today! I was riding on my scooter to Alliance Francaise in VasanthNagar when this joy bringing event occurred. As the event began to unfurl I wanted it to go on… Continue… and break a record. More like, make one! May be I have clocked these sort of timings in Chennai or may be that was also wishful thinking.

First was the “green shoot” near the Tamil Church, the immediate next one near Vellara junction. The red as I was nearing it shifted to green and let me pass through. The signal right before the turn into Residency road, I am positive I jumped the signal there because I did not want to break the flow :) – of traffic that is :).

Four signals straight and I did not have to stop for neither the signal nor the traffic and this was at 1 PM in the afternoon when everyone suddenly pops out of their respective offices for lunch.

This is a first and due credit shall be given! :)

2 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

I bet you weren't running late. The day it happens when you are running late, i shall buy you a huge icecream :-)
Murphy, are you listening? :P

crumbs said...

murphy's day off?

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