12 July, 2009

Oh Boy!!!

its been long since I saw a good film. Well, its been weeks at least! I loved this part of Transformers. I did see the first one, really late. I mean I saw it on tv. So the sequel came faster than I had to wait. I am happy that I dint have to wait for a longer period of time. And like one of my friend's friend said, I wish I was in an old theatre where I can hoot and shout during a movie.

The whole movie experience has become so personal. I loved it when we invaded personal space. Without obviously the gropping men or the ones who try really hard to play footsie sitting in a seat behind you. Anyway, other than the fact that I would have liked the theatre to have more noise or volume when the Autobots fought, the movie was a mixture of Bollywood masala, action and a few laughs (really well placed ones). Then it had the age old hope of the Egyptians having secrets that would finally be revealed to human kind -- the present. The more I look at Egypt, the Pyramids, Edfu temple, etc the more I want to go back there and learn more about their history. This is one of the few things in life I realised that I cannot get enough of!!! :)

Let me end this post this way... I LOVE BUMBLE BEE!!! :)

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jus me... said...

bumbleeebbeeeeeee.... god it was so much fun seeing him in this movie!!!

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