13 December, 2005

Here I am this is me there is nowher on earth id rather be.... na nana n na its jus me and u and I CULD MAKE UR DREAMS COME TRUE BABY!!!! Wink!!! :-) yeah yeah i knw and so does Bryan! jus on loan... u see i was being myself all SEEDHA SAADHA ladki wen saddy, mua frnd told me and i qoute"creating a blog i got such a high, which u wont get even from a sexy guy!" i thought she had gone off her rockerz man.... phew! experience must be;-) [sadz u n ni need to ve THE talk]
Ya so cutting the exaggerated university paper ishtyle version of it jus decided to create my own space.... if u kno wat i mean! and THATS wher the song comes in..... saw tht comin???? aaah! was not gud with suprises ne way! oh by the way i went thru all the dilemas others ve written in their blogs abt... so for any reference of my emotional status rt nw!!!!! ciao

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ujju said...

hi!!! I the most senior and supreme head of cc bloggers welcome you.

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