Nach baliye!

15 December, 2005

nach meri bul bul tujhe paisa milega!!!! yup thts a song and last nite i saw some awesome performances in the winter funk conducted by shiamak... kids looked so cute on stage...adorable..!!! there was this kid who was lik 3yrs old or somethin and he used a prop almost his size and more.... and the shoe dance ... AW....MAN!!!! mind blowing...
now comes the cream to top it all off... my sushakins's TRIBAL DANCE!!!!! so her man so her.. she luked lik she was in her "natural habitat...." wink! a complete laugh riot! how much effort i had to put to keep straight face wen i told her it was damn neat,wen all i wanted to say was "zoolazambazoola tribe welcomes u!!!!" a must watch ... 5 stars!
HAVE FEET WILL DANCE......... shake ur body like a Belly dancer!

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