a Night to Remember

16 December, 2005

Never can i forget the day, 15th December 2005, when dhanya and me wined and dined with the best of teachers ive ever known!
company: PERFECT!
now tht ive blurted out my initial excited version lemme tell u in detail....
last day of college for the year 2005 ended in high spirits... caffine and soulful songs vibrated thru my veins,lika fish in the sea:-) mr.sudu's treat and no optional english class- OUR CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! this gesture means so much more than materialistic gifts... wink! then the basketball gang played for a couple o hours till the fat watchman came whistling(expected a fat lady to sing but yeh bhi chalega) i was just gettn ready for the "all gals nite out"when suddenly i heard danny comment on how pretty our kaka lady luked. i had to see tht for myself so i went inside the main blok. she luked gorgeous(hopin to get brownie pts?? nah!! ) but this gave me my ticket into the zone of no 'kids allowed'. then our EVIL PLAN: Mission SNEAK PEEK! was on the roll. we made ourselves so useful tht they thought of us as "if u were not there it wuld have been hard to manage"
ooooo mama! wat can i say abt them??? lots actually! swarna mam, sho and pinto... can ya beat it! he has done mny presentations but none this 'ROBOTIC' ... kapish?! sho is the most fidgety person on the whole wide universe and i thought i was the worst. broke the record. AFTER the dance swarna mam invited us for dinner, she threatened us tht she wuld cut our prac marks if v werent ther!!!
Brilliant! We ate yummy fud and came the best part>>> Mr. Naresh Rao walked upto the both of us and started makin the most meaning less and stupid conversation ever!!!! yapping away teasing pinto for takin two icecreams... as we were talkin i casually asked him wat it wuld take us to coax him into dancing on stage...
Our own mr. naresh rao WAS IN THE SHIAMAK DAVAR'S DANCE TROUPE and he quit after a nasty accident and a painful surgery>>> inspiration to dance>>> DIRTY DANCING mmmmm are u thinking wat i am thinking??? WINK :-& danny and my jaws dropped , i think we made funny weird noises too
and so the day ended with the most amazing feeling of thrid year bond and a heightened love for our journo sir. our nite had just begun...... read the next sequel .... to be continued....

2 Scribbles:

burger said...

those were the best days of our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsu said...

my tru love:here are the best days o our lives ... love

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