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22 December, 2005

Day: 20th dec, 2005 started off lik any other day. Sleep, brush and the whole deal. had made plans with pratz. doing the gurly thing... SHOPPING with an intellectual touch to it. I was buying books to while away my time wen tv,crossword in the newspaper(which ive started crackin due to excess spare time) and cleanin up the house became boring. Least did i know tht my schedule for the next couple o days is gonna be jam packed with exciting stuff!santhosh called up that mornin to find whether he culd borrow my bike. as i dint have any spl job for it i agreed. i went abt my day as planned; met prats tuk off to church st. saw three AMAZING persian pure bred cats. whit,black and grey! wow!their kittens are 10 grand each.... SomeDay!san then came towards brigade and pulled me away from prats and then started the real fun....
The job was to roam around the city of blore on the bike find these appliance shops(kundan electronics, VGP, Girias)and drop off brouchers for world space! simple aint it???? Noooooooo...... it was not only the stupid one ways but also the fact that we dint know wer these places existed... most of the places i never knew... santhsh was better than me so we survived!! no food or water, we went from brigades to shanti nagar from there to jaynagar.... jaynagar is in complete circles due to the one way so we decided to walk! gud idea??? it was lik we could see our destination but we werent gettn ther at all...(it'as san's dream,night mare comin true... cnt believe i was in it!) now from jaynagar we had to go to Banshankari.... oh man! the dustiest place ever .... visibility was poor! we were hungry and broke(petrol) thank GOD san's bro in law worked in megamart,banshankari! he fed us! the best meal on earth, felt lik heaven! tea,rasagula and maggie.... yum! the day ended!
It felt like only a sec ago it was banshankari and next day we were driving down the National HIghway 7 towards Hyderabed! not going there but to yelahanka! the roads were awesome and we exchanged places every now and then! the itenary was ulsoor to cox town(2wheelers road!) fraiser town, to rajaji nagar, to malleshwaram and we had a choice to leav Gandhi sada ganga! a joke only san and i share(dont try to figure it out) with only 30bucks in hand we filled our stomachs with chaat! the second meal il not forget!
it was my dream come true..... ENTER into the world of DISCOVERING places uve never been b4, on a bike with a nice friend along!the start of a great vacation!
love ya San!

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