Poles aPART

07 April, 2006

"ARE we ready gals??", i stand one foot inside the room and the other outside the door bellowing. as usual being a sucker for punctuality i have had my bath,brushed and all set to move into the scorching yet inviting sun,smellin the fresh air(differnt! frm the smoke choke of blore) and i see that killi is applyin the liner on the curves of her lips wishin i could tell her that she looks sexy,hot or watever she wants to see herself as wen this picture of her with kannadi pops into my head. i stop short and move my focus to mother India, whom we all love,cherish the whole deal... but oh!!! she clears the mess in our roon up at the wrng time and gets blamed for displacing things that we wuld have easily found in the muck!!! still her enthu(over-enthu) does not die... as i look upon danny impatiently i am suddenly distracted by something moving!!! movers and shakeeras as i call it. the infamous bum dance. for our eyes only!!! by the one and only(if there were more i wuld wanna kill myself or the clones wuld bite each other to death!!!;-) susiekins!!! she stands there with her electronic tooth brush which does all the BRRRUUUSSSHHHHing........ for her!!!(talk about being lazy,she topped the class)
THEN the day proceeds with a lotta yelling, shoutin, pouting with each other!!!
being picky,choosy and agreeing only on boozy!!!(culdnt help the rhyme)
smiling for pictures, crying to leave the place we got to love
feeling like home in an alien world jus cuz we are together
hopin to survive, to be alive to see another day
cuz the night is gonna throw us off the bed
we come back to our room disgusted with one another. susha wanted fish, i craved for chicken,
killi dint wanna eat and danny asked for only one hot cup of coffee to cure her headache!!!
WE always paint a happy picture, TO HAVE THE SUNNY SIDE UP!! but these two trips i did with these gals made me realise how different we all are and how we want all different things from this world---a summer fling, parasailing, dancing thru the night,sleeping on the beach,rollercoaster ride, swimming, gettin a bad tan!!! the fights, the arguements, the consolation and the final hug!!! i sometimes wonder how killi and danny can be roomies and still be gud frnds.... yet thru the thick and thin we find our small lilttle space wher all of us can be happy with wat we are doing and who we are... and thats what we say A PART of the same planet but POLES apart!!!

2 Scribbles:

moi said...

ya right.... you guys do all the travelling and still come up with stuff like this...
im not buying it.. the photgraphs prove enough of the fun times u have. true... in all the mess, everyone has her space.:)

Me Thinks.. said...

nice post.. rhyming not bad i say!
danny and killi roomies and good friends, i wonder and wonder and wonder how!!

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