one day in the media dept . . .

03 April, 2006

the day started as usual, me gettin up late, mom yellin tht i waste time and not study and the whole deal... nothin new i said to myself. least did i know that mid day is going to be pretty darn somethin i never wanted to happen!!!
i went to meet pinto sir!!! YES ... i did say pinto sir, for my SOP though for valuable advice and that i did receive. but i sat in the media dept with kennedy and abhaya for an hour!!! socialised with them... as i pour out these words i cant seem to forgive myself!!! from askin y ma'am doesnt wear salwar to college to yapn to kennedy about his new house and his labrador,whose name is ceaser btw(julius wher art thou...???)sittin in their class i wanna cease to exist. u know the plight... but in all it was kinda fun!!! i know how much danny has to put up being in the dept, not much!!! try this out it works!!! heheheh
till next time(wich maybe tomorro considerin im jobless)

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