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02 April, 2006

roof top coffee day- one dagerous place for thr four of us!!! v not only end up spendin money on fud(which btw s never the problem)its the minutes of the session that scares the wallet outta me!!!
we planned the chennai... dint work out the first time and the second but as they say third time lucky(i wanna know who this "they people" are???!!!) so we left in the nite train on friday that s the 24th march and reached there next day!!! from that moment no rest.
suri came, suri went.
archana came, we left.
spencers plza, patheon road, money left!
then evenin of reunion: oh gud lord!!! everone i had wanted to come,came...
SK(u got better at flirtin dude!!!)
madan(still the sweet guy),
pratap(u trippe dand fell into the water by ur self. thanks for not makin me work tht day;-)
shiva(paanjali!!!lets play the game),
sridhar(u never sang),
nive(gemini twin)
daffy(miss the talk in the bus and endin up with the icecream)
swami(man we got loads to talk and catch up to!!!)
that day irealise how much i meant to u guys!!! nothing else mattered then. friends who came who left, betrayed and hearts they theft!!! i know u guys for not even a year and still so much closer thnan anyone who culd ever imagine being close to me
im blabberin but too much emotion overflow....
love u guys

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