5o tHiNgS BeFoRe I am FIVE O

17 April, 2006

  1. go to egypt
  2. find a piece of gold and steal it from rt under the customs nose!!(tht line sounds funny!;-)
  3. try to crack some seriously gud jokes(oxy"moron")
  4. go bungee jumping, scuba divin
  5. river raftin in rishikesh(this time a longer course and jump off a higher cliff!)
  6. slap someone rt across the face wen i really mean to
  7. sky dive
  8. meet all the people who ive known in my lifetime, my friends
  9. goto sydney
  10. dance in front of people wen i dire need for money in an unknown land
  11. meet mario again
  12. get a sexy tan
  13. get a tatoo done ( lily with a snake wound around it)
  14. give cool and gud advice wich works and actually gives positive results
  15. interview and cajole bryan adams to perform once more in India(esp for me;-)
  16. tell people on their face wat i really feel and not hide it
  17. learn how to skate
  18. build a snowman durin christmas
  19. take a photograph that makes headlines
  20. lie on the watertank in the terrace and count the stars and find figures in the moon
  21. create somethin of my own.
  22. rob a bank
  23. drive a Lamborgini(once once jus once... cant live without it after tht..... tass y it comes after robbin a bank!!!)
  24. sit in the train station and make friends with complete strangers(im shy)
  25. get drunk, sloshed smashed(like the sound effect it gives and someting attainable!!!)
each of these ideas i hope to get it fulfilled befor fifty!!! every year one deal!!! so u wonderin wat il be duin for 25years??? basically gettn married to a really rich soulmate of mine, making out, fulfillin nike's slogan and havin fun!!! like to sounds of that?? i sure do!!! stay and ul see the world go round and roound!!!

4 Scribbles:

moontalk said...

i like the dancing in front of strangers part ;) i'll throw u a penny...muahahahaha!

ujju said...

heh.. i'm gonna be mean. i've done 5 of the things on that list. i'm just too coll. oh yeah! seriously feels awesome to see someone's wishlist and realise thre are things there that you've already done. muahahahaha!
on a more nicer note, i have wishes too. sigh.

Tsu said...

@ujju ive done 5 outta that wich i wanna do again!!! wink!
@sneha... u sing and me dance then v vil switch places... im sure of gettn stuck in tht place for a looooooonnnnng time

moi said...

i ll choreograph ur dance bit... hehehe... wait till u read my list

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