How RoMAnTiC??!!

16 April, 2006

have u ever been in a situation uve considered to be romantic but its all wrong cuz u wuld ve preferred it to ve been with that someone special??? well i ve been on that island way too many times and i rrecollect lots of my friends reliving those moments and wondering WHY?? Why him and not the one??? but i am completely grateful for the instances which enrich your life. To expand ur world,to make it a better place,to bring happiness and joy in the small little acts which culd ve easily been overlooked in the bigger picture!!!!
messagin whole night about absolutely nothing though i kept whinning about wastin my precious TWO bucks!
buying table tops for mom
deciding wat kinda curtains we need
knowing that we shuld be haeding towards the ice cream parlour without actually tellin it out loud
someone cooking for me in the idea to impress but cooking somethi i can stand to eat... i loved every morsel of it!!! i love him and can never,will never forgeet u!!!
talkin in the candle light about love life,and its pouring rain outside,in to the night...
holding me by the waist wen im struggling to push my bike... supportin me thru the darkness into the light... (dude seriously!!!)
going on a long drive in gettn seriously lost
looking up a construction site waiting to become a home... left me wishin it was our home... (that one hit me hard)
these are told to me and felt by me... jus wanted to write it down... eternalise it!!! the best thing is IT already is... ForeveR...

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WHO IS THE MAN I SAY?????????????

Me Thinks.. said...

Nice one chick! i like the candle light part and the construction site! nalla sight adi karaye mavale!! holding by the waist and all.. hmmm... sizzle...wink

moontalk said...

okay, out with it!!who we trying to impress here???!!:)
candle light, louve n rain...
nice one mate...n guess someday, soon it'll all be with "the one" :)

Tsu said...

@sneha ... knowin me u think there is only one "the one"????
hurt i say!!! wink

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