Dieu et mon droit

23 November, 2006

"What about queen's crown? the kohinoor was brought from India." "This is the symbol for what again?" "what does it say?""just a second i was want to drink some juice" "i just made that up!!!" "it was a wild guess man"
"which one of the queen's sons is still married to the first woman he said i do too??" "All the sons and daughters are ugly" Barbara: "Antony what exactly do those french words on the emblem say???" "Diana was a saving grace" "Dodi Fayed must have been one special guy" "The jewels are in the Tower of London and you can pay around 10pounds to see them..." "Boy! thats a lotta money to see it.. go there steal them thats big money.."
Antony:" well it is translated as God and My Right!" "the anthem goes God save the Gracious queen not good ..." "the jewels are not in the buckingham palace? so weird!"
Barbara:"*Smiles and bows her head in adoration*"
God speed!

(Antony and Barbara are married for more than 20years. Met late in life, they have no children and have worked in china as english teachers)

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