what to do???

19 November, 2006

i am so restless today
boredom seeping thru my skull
i want to get up and run in the cold and also to sleep tight in my bed
sitting in front of the computer in the library(shocking i know)
reading,nearly done with murder in the cathedral(doubly shocking i know that too)
t.s.elliot should stick to writin poetry... its jus in his way of creating mindblowing poetry!!!
debating with heart of darkness!

past breaks its coffin
fastened and nailed
sealed in the gravel so plentiful
in memories forever caged and jailed...

au revoir...

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Golden Words said...

Bored huh? try this, take a credit card (from family/friends, dont use ur own) , go to the airport, take the next flight out of there. go to strange-city..go to the center of the city, then return.
Trust me it helps

[not that i have tried it, but u sure wont be bored thinking of excuses to tell ur parents about the XYZ Rs of airline tickets charged ]

Anonymous said...

u live with most interesting person on earth! how can u be bored?! now thast debateable!!

Boredom vanishing act!
another option-come back to India!!

Anonymous said...


ujju said...

i knew u were bored..thts why i came online to talk to u..telepathic :D
bored it seems..go stare at that hot guy:)
ts elliot was a nice boy ya..paapa..ess..

Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

Tsu said...

@ujju: love those lines man!!! bravo to whoever wrote that..
@AC: u wuldnt understand, dont expect u to either ;)
@MT: i dont wanna shatter ure illusions of living with the most interesting person on the earth...

Anonymous said...

the "aaj phir jeene ki tammanna hai" symdrome huh gal?

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