04 November, 2006

I am NO chef nor one of those academic experts(who just study and not usually practice!) in the art of calming down the grumbles and the rumbles of a hungry stomach but i recently realised that SALT, this soft white and powdery substance that could be mistaken for mashed dried up white paint(wonder y anyone would mash paint and substitute it for salt???), chalk powder, or even cocaine(where where where???;-) could actually decide the fate of the comments ure gonna finally receive for all that cullinary magic!
So now that i wrote a whole post about how great S&S are in the kitchen i would like to highlight the fact that both of them ask me to add salt to their dish.(WHAAAAT? i dint write anythin abt them,well thats ok.. il summarise thay cook well! there its in my post!)
Now eyes back to me! so what was i saying? Nothing significant actually...
  • Salt-most important ingredient in any dish, should be accurate for desired result;
  • S&S are great cooks, yum dishes!
  • I PUT THE SALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bon Apetite!

5 Scribbles:

lash said...

i heard some one has started a dandi march, this time for a different cause :)

pRicky said...

should i reveal the reason why you are adding the salt???

Me Thinks.. said...

some ppl can do much of cooking so they end up adding a 'pinch' of salt! No dish no salt woman!
glad S&S are still alive and kicking.. he he he
Salt to taste!!

Anonymous said...

I suggest you take this (your plight) with a pinch of salt. Heh!!

Anonymous said...

life in a grain of salt.
what will they do without u?:D

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