07 November, 2006

07 November 2006

I committed a HUGE mistake. I read some of my old mails from my friends. Mails written at different points in time.
I could almost see and feel the change in tones, what exactly is being said and how it could have be misleading and misunderstood(it was misread by me, leading to unwanted assumptions)
Its not that I suddenly have become mature or any gr8 stuffing but its the clarity with which you can visualise the mistakes uve committed, the wrong decisions you have made, the twisted path taken to attain salvation but never reached there. You get to that higher plane cause you have lived through the repercurssions.
I hate it. Nothing can be done except I am never gonna read them ever again!

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Me Thinks.. said...

i understand.. thats all iam gonna say.. i did the same mistake! main hoon na..

Anonymous said...

remember what opera said about letting go?:)
n wat I always say bout the past?

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