Men Drive

21 November, 2006

If the question "what women want?" is unanswerable then try answering the question "what drives a man to do what they do?"
This post is an outgrowth of ponderer's post which poses way more questions than answers that women are looking for.
ALL i can (and i have tried an aweful lot) that men KNOW for a fact that the only way to hurt a gal is be ruthless with her feelings for an issue or the person himself. Its the inherent animal predator instinct to hit where it hurts the most. and the worst part is so does a woman but the ego part of a man doesnot allow him to express or accept the fact that he is hurting!
I know i am sounding merciless as well but thats how it has happened to me and it could be different for u!!!

4 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

precision is seldom unmerciful...

Anonymous said...

There have to be other ways to hurt someone, I'm sure...

Tsu said...

@AC:Man i wuldnt wanto be in ure bad books!!!;-)

Anonymous said...

tsu my buddy, u may ve jst been meeting ALL the WRONG guys!:D
but yeah, they can be real jerks at time.oh who am i kiddin, most of the times (shoot me, i'm a femminist!:P)
but well, in to be fair, gals can be quite effective pains too.n going by some recent examples, i do fear that guys are at the recieveing end a bit more often now.times, may just be changing!dunno if thats such a gud thing, or jus sad though

@ prick
yeah dude, that's what u ve been saying for three years now :D

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