Fairy tale

28 March, 2007

Dream, she sat, her hands on the window sill, her head laying across her hand. The perfection.

The Cinderella notion of romance in her head. Twirling and making noise. Sunrise, sunset, heart beating in unison. The touches, caresses. The silly meaningless fights, vocabulary flying across the room with gusto of battle and the exaltation of winning, The soft whispers into her soul which no words can express. Walking hand in hand along on Venus or Mars. Zodiacs, celestial beings and destiny coinciding with her heart's desire. She called out to the dark blue night, calling out to the moonlight to throw some stars to decorate her emotion. The cool ripples in the icy waters. High seas and vast ocean wasn't deep enough. The gentle splash cusped with the twinkling eyes.

He was to come anytime. He said he will. She pushed the thought that invaded her. Sinking feeling that he might not come. She pushed the thought away, as time was passing by. He was not at war to hope he was alive. He was not at the merchants to hope that he earned some profit. He was still in her heart. HERS. and SHE was in his.

Will this fairytale have a happy ending?

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Of course. Always. Forever. Hold on to the dream...dreams coming true is what life is all about! :)

ujju said...

that was beautiful. it sounds very distant 18th century italy and yet 21 century blore/london..very nice interplay of words. good going.

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