Marriage deal

28 March, 2007

Marriage. Wedding and the Aftermath.

I make this whole marriage deal sound more gruesome than it already is. I can't understand. I really do not and I am hyperventilating now. Just a year ago, we were full of dreams of going to places, making money, meeting new people, falling in love with life and love.

Suddenly the sunsets. To give rise a new day! With new dreams and aspirations. So what did the last 20 years of dreaming about the old dreams mean? Nothing? It vanished in milliseconds. Yes you can see new places, meet new people but with a strong responsibility of having a husband, building a relationship, creating a family.

Probably I am not the marrying kinds or not yet come to that stage of wanting to get married. For me now it seems like giving into the norms of the society. Your old enough, get married. I am giving into fate prescribed for me, a medicine for old age. I don't deny the fact that I want kids and build a family but how can any girl who has not brought up in a family who have enforced the fact that she will marry as soon as college gets over, think of marriage over career? I would have flipped if my parents asked me to get married if I was in India working or something!

I am extremely disturbed. I understand the logical explanations of priorities change and she is ready for marriage and crap like that but How can You give up 20years of Dreams for a WHOLE new set of dreams. At a throw away, cheap price?

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crumbs said...

it works for differently for different people. some have deeper career ambitions, for some it changes.
maybe coz they are ready for it, maybe coz they found the right guy/gal, or maybe they just want the easy way out.
cindrella is extremely nice to think of, but fairy tales are called that for a reason.
the smell of coffee can be quite different from pumpkins

Prude said...

I understand ur angst and it is quite confusing and scary but then each and every situation is different. Being forced to give up ones dreams at the cost of happiness and made to marry early is i think quite cruel. But, then if by chance a girl meets someone and decides to get married at our age...I dont think dats bad because shes in love and she wants a life with her partner. Also a mistake we make is separate career and dreams etc from marriage...doesn't have to be like that. Both can just as well go hand in hand and u cud have a satisfying career and social life with an understanding spouse. All about how u look at it and how much ur willing to compromise to achieve harmony. Again compromise isnt a bad word. :)

ujju said...

hey babe..the point is..marriage shouldnt be about people being forced to live with each other and altering their lives. It should be about finding someone u are willing to share your time with. And BTW..babe..belive oppurtunities get better with marraige!

vidi said...

yea... you are ready for marriage only when YOU are ready for it!! its a mindset including the guy, the career, the kids and everything in between. priorities keep changing for people to suit their mindset. they are meant to!

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