water and me

17 March, 2007

Descending hurriedly yet gracefully eagerly waiting to see the beauty that lay ahead. The slithering curves that wash the sandy white shores. Blue. I can see blue and green all around me. A broken old tree trunk to add to the mighty waters. I(s)Land in the core. High seas, softly caressing my feet, tempting, teasing and shuffling away.

The same excitement I feel from when I was a child.
"Beach beach ikku ponum. Amma beachikku ponum"

A distant whistle. Like a woman asking to listen to her quiet heartbeat. Fluctuating in joy. I take quick steps to get to where the music is generated. Brown, muddy all around. Not dirty just earthy. A bent tree with leaves in decay. Water cascading from the heights. Not very far, not very tall. Yet immense.

The same excitement I feel from when I was a child.
"Kootitu poriya???"

3 Scribbles:

pRicky said...

see water will dive...

Tsu said...

ofcourse it will.

ujju said...

dreamy :)

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