12 March, 2007

ME= would be the result when ure work life and social life goes for a fcuking toss at the same time. Completely spaced out. Its amazing me! I thought the previous years were bad but I had my defenses up... But this time its broken down. I am sitting in class and nothing is in my head.
BLANK ... Teacher is saying something. Like in a movie with mute button. I can see her lips moving and I can distinctly hear the words, a rhythmic volume, language known but I cant comprehend. I just cant register her words, the gravity of what I feel.

I have no right to crib. I am in LONDON!!! there are people who would have killed to be in my place, here, now!

Love Lost.
Labour Lost.
Never had it.
Never could.
Virgin emotions
Some raped
Washed away
Decayed with time.

Flittered in the wild night...

I have no right! There is no running off this time. I am not being optimistic but stubborn. I knw what I think is true. I know things last forever. I know love is the only thing that can change the world. I know there are obstacles.. But this humungous??? probably my love wont survive. Casualities are there in war!

But I Will stand and fight hope, faith and rational, truth against each other, together...

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ujju said...

fight fight fight! its surprising isnt it? i mean...we think that we dont have the strength to fight these battles and overcome obstacles more than once..and yet..we do..everytime it happens we are up again..maybe slower and more carefully. anything in life for tht matter..we seem to be up again..i wonder we(humans) are inherently dumb..i mean why bother ourselves to fight all obstacles? and yet..i cant help but wonder..if that instinct keeps us up all the time bcoz one day it will pay off. i cant say for sure..but i guess so..why else woudl we stand so many times despite falling down?

Prude said...

Thats the spirit! :) And have every right...don't deny yourself that! And I'll be upstairs ;)

pRicky said...

Quitting is not worth the effort!!!
Cribbing is the right humans got even before any fundamental right...
I think it was awarded as soon as we realised breathing is important...

Tsu said...

@ujju: some fights are worth fighting for... i am as confused as u are. cuz i probably am waiting for the pay off too soon..
@prude: i need spirit!!! thannis...
@pricky: no concept of quittin at all pricky. its about whether to even start a fight.. whether somethings or not??? and when u can see the end which is failure why even try.. i mean its def.. even if ther was an ounce of hope i wuld die trying!!!

Tsu said...

@all: again this is not optimism. of fighting and standing up. this is selfishness
i am feeling pure agony... of being stubborn to prove my theory! might (most likely to) end up gettin an answer that which is not my assumption but i am not gonna ever agree to that... its irrational stupidity and bull headedness... i dont care!

Manoj said...


U r such a confused soul :)

And now :D for this soul who is confused and who is probably going through the same set of emotions I was going through at one point of time.. All there on my blog :D

"Love survives in the most difficult circumstances... when things seem impossible.. All it needs is...

a little bit of understanding
a little bit of effort
a little bit of patience
a little bit of listening

and loads of smiles :)"

Best of luck...

May your LOVE live long :)

Take care and dont let unnecessary worry trouble you so much...



Manoj said...

Oops !!!!

Being obsessed with the name AnU :D since she is my gal .... I typed it here instead of Tsu :D :D

Clumsy me :(


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