Bar bar dekho!

03 July, 2007

My first day on the job:

Wear black and black. Gives me a shirt two sizes bigger. I am floating in it. Could not smile. I have never concentrated so much in my life. Pete kept on explaining things to me. I nodded and gulped all the information I could. I could not remember what he said about the toilets but he did tell me to come and check once an hour whether there is sufficient toilet paper and that no one is dead. I really dont remember what he said about the toilets! Got yelled at for not pouring the drinks properly. Give it a head, mix it while you are serving! uff...

I am an annoying customer for someone as well.

My second day in the Bar:

I know where all the drinks are. Still cant recognize the nick names given to them. Only one I know is JD- Jack Daniels. tennessey, sourz apple, family grousse. I mean give it better names man! Koppaberg.
Elvis hitting on me. Boy he is!!! What will you do if the Tamil tigers wanted to have sex with you.. I mean like dude... Get a life!!! uurrgghh!!!

Killi I am doing this for you babe!!! :) Its not that glamorous as it looks on tv cause I still do not know the cocktails and cant swirl the bottles around. But I will get there and Will teach ya!! :)

4 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

Coyote doesn seem ugly anymore :)

Me Thinks.. said...

He he! I want tsu style cocktail and mr elvis! ;)

Baar baar dikhao! ;)
bar bar pilao ;)

Prude said...

Ha ha ha awesome!!! I wanna meet Elvis Tambi...looks like he needs Tambi style talking to!!

Baar Baar dekh liya?;)

Have fun!

pRicky said...

Oh TSU you are so cool...

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