02 July, 2007

A queasy feeling in my tummy. I have felt this before but I am just not being able to place it in the situation where it has occured the previous time.

He has an uncanny timing to find out when I am feeling low or feeling like giving up, giving up on what I am not sure yet!

Re-visited the crushes I had when I was young. Think I still am. He wont open his mouth nor will I. Tried coaxing myself. and I completely understood what Fanz was telling us yesterday. You want to tell at that opportune moment. You wait and wait with baited breathe and a flower in your hand but either the moment doesnt come or its just not meant to happen! Naaa I cant hide behind that veil. I am chicken. =)

I fall in love with a person's smile.

I love church, Hillsong.


Tsu's failure. Placed the feeling to where is belongs.

3 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

Iam not quite sure what this is about..

Or i just know u too well ;)

pRicky said...

Somethings never change or probabaly they are waiting to be changed...

ujju said...

this was like my old poem. very deja vu :) well..what can i say? i ve given up on this crap for now... love is one sick, twisted complicated thing to resolve which.. i have no time and patience.
the crushes are fun tho'! hehe.. remember college?

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